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Refill Instructions

Looking for instructions on how to refill a Gibson Refillable Lighter?

First, you need to know what kind of lighter you have:

If you have an OIL LIGHTER, Click Here. Our oil lighters (also known as "table lighters") include the HOT SHOT, BIG DADDY and BIG MAMA.

If you have a BUTANE LIGHTER, Click Here. Examples of these include Slide Lighter, Super Slide Lighter, Titanium, Charmers, Ladylike, Sweet, Economy Turbo Lighter, Crystal, Featherweight, Wrench, Pig, Poker Pal, Zodiac, Fishing Pole, Rifle, Shotgun,Trout, Mallard, Bass, Bottle Opener, Gripper and almost every BBQ and Cigarette Lighter we have made.






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